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Original Erzgebirge Items

For those of you who are not familiar with Smokers, they are wood figures with an internal chamber where an incense cone is burned. There will be an opening, such as a mouth, where the smoke excapes.

About this time Ebay became popular and we discovered we could buy a wide range of Smokers and other Erzgebirge products there. This combination of opportunity and interest lead to some serious buying and a very nice collection of Erzgebirge items.

Most of these items are small wood objects so good pictures have had to wait for suitable photographic equipment. That has finally arrived so I hope that before the end of 2005 we will be able to fill this website with pictures showing the wide variety of these interesting items.

Many of these items were exported in DDR times under the Expertic label.

Seiffen is seen on many pictures. It is especially pretty in winter pictures when it is all snow covered. The church is frequently seen in nativity settings and other groups of figures.

Pyramids You light the candles at the base and the rising heat makes the entire object spin. It makes a very pretty and interesting centerpiece for the holiday table.

Pyramids come in all shapes and sizes. Some are multilevel with a differnt theme of carved figures on each level.

Some come from the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Some come from China. You need to study the original German ones to be sure you know what you are buying. There is nothing wrong with the chinese ones as long as you aren’t paying German prices for them.

Expertic was the export arm of the East German government during the DDR times (DDR Zeit). This red label with the word “Expertic” is found on the bottom of many/most Erzgebirge items from the period before the wall came down. Thus it provides a reasonable way to approximate the age of a piece.

Most Ebay sellers are wise to this so bargins have gotten harder to find. However, some still come up.

Blumenkinder is German for Flower Children and are small, painted figures holding a flower. They show up around easter. Sometimes they are figures of children, sometimes of a rabbit or a mouse. The colors are always very brights with lots of red, yellow and white backgrounds. They frequently have colored spots; for example, dark green spots on a light green background.

Erzgebirge Collection

Lots of Erzgebirge smokers, blumenkinder, nutcrackers, and other assorted handcrafted idems from the Erzgebirge region of German. These pictures are just to show how it looks to have an assortment of them all displayed together. We will be working on getting them organized and photographed.

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